18 Smart Products To Help You Kick Off Summer

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If you don't want to walk to your AC in order to adjust it, get the Hisense Hi-Smart Portable AC that works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for the ultimate in voice control. In addition to voice control, you'll also be able to set the temperature on the Hi-Smart with the companion app, available on both iOS and Android devices.

The HiSense also offers multiple functions depending on what type of comfort you're in search of - in addition to the traditional cooling and fan options, the unit also offers a dehumidifying function, which will soon become key as summer really begins to take its toll on us.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the HiSense is how little noise it makes. While I certainly want an air conditioner in my home, I don't want to know that it's there — to that end, the quiet compressor and the cross-flow fan design results in a strong yet quiet airflow. If you have the fan set at its lowest level, you'll barely hear the unit. To get technical, it only reaches 47 dB(A) at this setting — for reference, libraries generally have a noise level of 40 dB(A).

You can also use the unit's I-Feel remote control for straightforward AC operation. This remote is quite nifty in and of itself, as it boasts an I-Feel temperature sensor. The sensor keeps tabs on the temperature in its vicinity, and sends this information back to your AC unit (which ostensibly, is a bit further away), automatically telling it to either crank it up a notch or perhaps turn it down. I found this feature to be particularly useful, as the Hi-Smart effectively intuitively adjusted itself without my having to interfere — again, allowing me live my peak lazy lifestyle.

The Hi-Smart installs quite easily, and you won't have to enlist a whole host of friends to make sure that it's held in place as you attempt to strategically slam your windowsill on top of it. Rather, it comes with a window kit that fits windows 18 to 50 inches wide, and the unit itself can be wheeled about with ease.

You can find my full review of the Hisense Hi-Smart here.

You can also find the Insider Picks guide to the best portable air conditioners here.

Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/products-to-lower-electric-bill-in-summer-2018-6

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