8 Products Our Dads Just Really, Really Love

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I've owned a Big Green Egg kamado style smoker/BBQ for six years. I considered it for a year before buying because of the cost, but I'm so glad I made the purchase. This style of equipment is very versatile. It's made of ceramic that retains heat for both low- and very high-heat cooking. You can grill over direct heat or place a ceramic deflection shelf on it for indirect heat. You can also add hardwood for smoke infusion. It uses hardwood charcoal for very clean heat. The two vents can be adjusted to increase or decrease the temperature, and everything I've cooked on it is moist and juicy. I strongly recommend this equipment for years of yummy cooking. —Ferrell Hughes (dad of BuzzFeed social media strategist Caelan Hughes)

Get a small portable version from Amazon for $999.99 or use a store locator for more sizes on Big Green Egg's website. If your dad already has and loves one, get the Big Green Egg Cookbook from Amazon for $11.98.

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8 Products Our Dads Just Really, Really Love
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