A Gentleman’s Guide To The Umbrella

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In 1873, Cecil B. Hartley published The Gentleman’s Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness. His advice? “If you are walking with a lady, let the umbrella cover her perfectly. ... If you have the care of two ladies, let them carry the umbrella between them, and walk outside yourself.” I believe that his words remain relevant, but there seem to exist modern ladies who regard such behavior as an expression of male privilege and who have been trained to reject this bit of thoughtfulness as condescending and patriarchal. If you encounter such a person, listen to her respectfully. Further, consider bringing in some undergrad-seminar atmosphere of your own by discoursing on a famous Nietzsche fragment (“I have forgotten my umbrella”) and Jacques Derrida’s riff thereupon: Nothing brightens a cloudy day like playful poststructuralist gobbledygook. But you should also politely make it clear that you are not extending this courtesy (one of the behaviors popularly referred to as “chivalry”) with an ulterior motive in mind (what is colloquially referred to as “getting laid”). Rather, you are doing it just to be nice.

Source : http://www.slate.com/articles/life/gentleman_scholar/2014/04/advice_for_gentlemen_umbrella_etiquette_and_buying_guide.html

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A Gentleman’s Guide to the Umbrella
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