Affordable Clothing Brands For College Students

Vineyard vine shirt, khaki shorts, Adidas UltraBoosts or maybe a Life Is Good shirt long enough to cover shorts. These may not be the exact brands worn, but they frequent  the University of Georgia’s campus.

UGA is a large school, so there will naturally be diversity and variation in fashion. However, the aforementioned brands stand out more than the individual unique styles in UGA.

“UGA students are pretty diverse when it comes to fashion, but I’ve found that a lot of girls dress pretty similarly – a T-shirt from either a sorority or fraternity event or a brand like Simply Southern, and Nike shorts or leggings,” said  Jay Nark, a freshman graphic design major at UGA.

UGA students should strive to care more about their fashion as it helps determine impressions, culture and personality, and it ultimately represents the culture and diversity of UGA as a whole.

“I find that well-dressed people give better first impressions and are often more attractive than those who are not,” Nark said. “They often seem more confident and sure of themselves then say, someone who’s walking around campus in their pajamas. You’ve got to dress to impress after all.”

Being well dressed is not difficult if an adequate effort is put into it, since it doesn’t have to mean putting on a suit or a dress. However, being a student may make dressing up harder.

College schedules are tight, and students are bombarded with work. Dressing up may seem like a time consuming task, but thinking about which outfit to wear the night prior may help save time in the morning.

“It isn’t difficult to be well-dressed if you put a little bit of thought into your outfits and make sure all of your pieces of clothing go together,” said Gus Kaufman, a freshman journalism major at UGA. “If I wake up for class and don’t have a lot of time to spare, however, I tend to be more focused on getting to class on time than appearing presentable.”

Money is another issue for college students. Clothes are by no means cheap, especially when bought in large quantities. However, clothes do not have to be the best and most expensive brands to be considered well dressed. Thrift stores offer efficient ways for students to find fashionable clothes at a reduced price.

Being well dressed may be difficult in college, but it reaps great rewards — especially in a college environment where human interaction is at its peak. Appearance will have a great impact through changing impressions, influencing culture and projecting personality because of the large number of people at UGA. UGA students should all take the sacrifice to dress well on a day to day basis.

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