Baseball Highlights Of Wednesday\'s MLB Games

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It's the Fourth of July, and as you would expect this fine Wednesday is packed with wall-to-wall baseball. Let's light these fireworks ... 

Wednesday's scores

Red Sox 3, Nationals 0 (box score)

Yankees 6, Braves 2 (box score)

Marlins 3, Rays 0 (box score)

Cubs 5, Tigers 2 (box score)

Phillies 4, Orioles 1 (box score)

Athletics 4, Padres 2 (box score)

Angels 7, Mariners 4 (box score)

Brewers 3, Twins 2 (box score)

Astros 5, Rangers 4 in 10 innings (box score)

Mets 6, Blue Jays 3 (box score)

Reds 7, White Sox 4 (box score)

Dodgers 6, Pirates 4 (box score)

Rockies 1, Giants 0 (box score)

Indians 3, Royals 2 (box score)

Cardinals 8, Diamondbacks 4 (box score)

Angels snap Mariners' winning streak

Seattle's eight-game winning streak is no more. The Mariners were unable to rally against the Angels' bullpen on Wednesday afternoon despite having multiple chances to score. They even brought the tying run to the plate in the ninth inning, but were unable to capitalize.

Most notably, the Mariners blew a bases-loaded opportunity with no outs in the seventh because Denard Span and Dee Gordon struck out, and Jean Segura was robbed of a potential two-run single by David Fletcher. Check out this catch:

Great catch! And a painful inning for the Mariners. Bases loaded with no outs and you don't score? That hurts. Innings like that will get fans claiming their team stinks with runners in scoring position. Seem it a million times.