Circulogene Announces Pilot Award Program For Cancer Research Sample Testing

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Circulogene announces pilot award program for cancer research sample testing

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Birmingham molecular diagnostics company Circulogene is accepting grant applications for a cancer research sample testing pilot program. The goal of the program is to further cancer research using the company's precision molecular diagnostics capabilities for genomic profiling.

Two pilot program award winners will be granted access to Circulogene's full panel of precision medicine testing on up to 100 samples at no cost.

"We expect the pilot program to help foster new research collaborations, help researchers acquire subsequent grants and unify researchers from various scientific disciplines, thus furthering important cancer research," explained Circulogene CEO Mike Mullen.

Applications for the award are due no later than 5:00 p.m., August 1, 2018. Award announcements are anticipated by September 15, 2018. A total of two awards will be granted during the application period.

Applications should focus on cancer immunotherapy or other systemic therapy with clinical annotation, including: age; gender; cancer type; stage at time of collection; and outcome to treatment (response, progression-free survival, and/or overall survival).

To be eligible for a pilot award, the principal investigator (PI) must be a full-time faculty member of a U.S. nonprofit institution with IRS 501(c)(3) status (or equivalent Canadian institution) or a state university. Additional award application requirements and specifications include:

* Specific aims and study methods, with details on how samples were collected/stored (Note: for blood-based testing, samples must be plasma and collected in EDTA or sodium citrate. Streck tubes are not compatible with the CIRCULOGENE panel.)

* Statement of significance and cancer relevance

* Statement of how the work will catalyze future cancer-relevant grant submissions

* Applications that are no more than two pages in length, submitted in a PDF or DOC (Microsoft Word document) file format

* Required but excluded from the two-page limit: no more than 30 references to relevant publications; a letter from the PI's institutional review board (IRB) or institution verifying IRB approval for sample collection and analysis

The two highest scored proposals will be selected for an award. Proposed projects should be ready to ramp up quickly, and samples should be ready for analyses within a few weeks of the award.

For more information about the award, visit the Request for Applications page at or call call 855-614-7083. For questions about the feasibility of running a particular sample collection on the platform, please email All final proposals should be emailed as a single document to

Circulogene is Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified and provides biomarker testing for a broad range of cancers, allowing physicians to match results to specific drugs and clinical trials in a matter of days. Using just a single tube of blood, Circulogene is able to test for circulating genetic mutations and tumor biomarkers among DNA mutations, RNA fusions, PDL1 Expression and MSI (microsatellite instability).

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Circulogene announces pilot award program for cancer research sample testing
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