Despite No Desirable Results, UK To Almost Double Its Troops In Afghanistan

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TEHRAN - The UK government is all set to double its troops in war-torn Afghanistan following a request from U.S. President Donald Trump to augment NATO reinforcements in the wake of deteriorating security situation. The decision came a day before the NATO Summit in Belgium.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced that her country will send an extra 440 soldiers – bringing the total to around 1,100 – to ‘help the Afghan troops’ fighting Taliban insurgency. The fresh batch of UK troops would be based in Kabul and will not be in the combat role.

The security situation in Afghanistan has worsened in recent years with the resurrection of Taliban insurgency and emergence of ISIS. Despite the heavy presence of international forces, the violence refuses to abate, taking a heavy toll on ordinary Afghans.

Experts have questioned the wisdom of sending more troops to Afghanistan at a time when the Taliban have made it emphatically clear that they want foreign troops out of the country. “After Trump decided to increase American military presence in Afghanistan, now May has followed the suit, sending 440 more UK troops,” said Ahmad Bayat, a Kabul-based analyst. “It will only make the matters worse.”

Afghanistan has entered 17th year of war which kicked off in 2001 following the invasion of U.S.-led foreign forces. Despite many efforts, the Taliban have refused to enter peace negotiations.

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Despite no desirable results, UK to almost double its troops in Afghanistan
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