Emily Ratajkowski Is Tired Of Talking About Her Body — And Frankly, So Are We

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Emily Ratajkowski is ready to move on from being known as "that girl from the 'Blurred Lines' video" now, guys.

The "We Are Your Friends" star is in no way ashamed of her very NSFW appearance in the unrated music vid, mind you, but she still thinks that enough time has passed for her to move on from her, um, perky performance in it. In fact, if everyone could just stop talking about it altogether, she'd be ever so grateful, it seems.

Ratajkowski told InStyle UK that even if we didn't catch it the first time, she "wasn't into the idea at all" of the topless-hopping theme of the video in the beginning.

"I think I came off as a bit annoyed in the video," she said, adding that at this point, "it's the bane of my existence."

"When anyone comes up to me about 'Blurred Lines,' I'm like, are we seriously talking about a video from three years ago?" said Ratajkowski.

But even though she wishes the world would do her a solid and remember some of her other work -- like her turn as the college-aged mistress Andie in "Gone Girl," for example -- she wants to be clear that she's not ashamed of having revealed her body in the viral vid.

"It's weird to me that the reaction to a woman's naked body is so controversial in our culture," she explained. "My mum taught me to never apologize for my sexuality. My dad never made me feel embarrassed. I also don't think I've ever had an awareness of my own body as being super-sexual. It was always just my body."

We can all say "Hey, hey, hey" to that!

Source : http://www.mtv.com/news/2261559/emily-ratajkowski-blurred-lines/

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