Facebook Shuts Down Troubled ‘trending’ Section

The “breaking news” label that Facebook is testing with 80 news publishers around the world will let outlets such as The Washington Post add a red label to indicate that a story is breaking news.

“Breaking news has to look different than a recipe,” Ms Hardiman said.

Another feature, called “Today In” shows people breaking news in their area from local publishers, officials and organisations. It’s being tested in 30 markets in the US.

Ms Hardiman said the goal is to help “elevate great local journalism”.

The company is also funding news videos, created exclusively for Facebook by outside publishers it would not yet name. It plans to launch this feature in the next few months.

Facebook says the trending section was never popular. It was available only in five countries and accounted for less than 1.5% of clicks to the websites of news publishers, according to the company.

While Facebook got attention for the problems the trending section had — perhaps because it seemed popular with journalists and editors — neither its existence nor its removal makes much of a difference when it comes with Facebook’s broader problems with news.

Ms Hardiman said ending the trending section feels like letting a child go but Facebook’s focus is prioritising trustworthy, informative news that people find useful.

Source : http://www.itv.com/news/2018-06-01/facebook-shuts-down-troubled-trending-section/