Macy\'s Takes A Minority Stake In Tech Retailer B8ta And Expands Its Pop Up Marketplace

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US survey: Shoppers want more details on products

More than seven in 10 shoppers want to know more about the grocery items they buy than theyre currently able to get from traditional on-package labels, according to a new national survey commissioned by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI). These shoppers seek such information as what the ingredients do and why theyre in the product. According to the industry groups, the survey findings confirm the importance of the digital tool theyve developed, SmartLabel,which gives consumers easy access to additional, detailed information on the products, including data on allergens, usage, production methods, animal welfare and environmental impact. Almost 28,000 products carried by food retailers now feature SmartLabel.


US: Macy's takes a minority stake in b8ta and expands its pop-up marketplace

Macy's announced it is partnering with b8ta to expand Market @ Macy's, a pop-up shop within its stores. As part of that partnership, Macy's has taken a minority stake in b8ta, which helps brands build out physical stores. B8ta, founded in 2015 by Nest alums Vibhu Norby, William Mintun and Phillip Raub, helps shoppers try tech gadgets before buying them, even if those products aren't yet in stores. With its new Macy's partnership, it will sell items, such as a digital art canvas, that Macy's typically would not offer. B8ta will also provide the back-end support for Macy's constantly rotating pop-up store.


US: Supervalu floats holding company plan

Eden Prairie-based national grocer and food wholesaler Supervalu announced plans to reorganize its corporate structure to become a holding company. Among other things, the company said this plan would organize and further segregate its wholesale and retail operations, facilitate the sale of some retail assets and better segregate its liabilities into separate business segments, according to a news release. Supervalu investor Blackwells Capital has pressured the company of late. Last month it suggested the sale-leaseback of Supervalus wholesale distribution center and the sale or spin-off of the retail segment, according it a Blackwells website. The investor has nominated six new members to the board of directors.


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