Minor League Baseball Team Announces \'Millennial Night\' Promotion, And It\'s Backfiring In The Best Way

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No major American professional sport has an older fanbase than baseball, and Major League Baseball has recognized that with new initiatives in hopes of making the game more watchable for a wider audience.

Basically, baseball teams should want people under the age of 35 to attend their games.

The marketing team for the Montgomery Biscuits — the Tampa Bay Rays’ Double-A affiliate — must have missed that memo.

On Wednesday, the team announced its upcoming “Millennial Night” promotion, which would include participation ribbons, napping, selfie stations and plenty of avocados. There was no word if mounting student-loan debt and unaffordable mortgages would get dedicated stations as well.

Offended? Feel free to fight your battles IRL and visit us at Riverwalk Stadium. Any millennials that actually come by during office hours before next Saturday and submits a valid complaint in person to our "Millennial Night Thinktank" may get a free ticket or two! https://t.co/XUNOz29gkO

— Montgomery Biscuits (@BiscuitBaseball) July 11, 2018

If there’s one way to ensure that millennials don’t attend a baseball game, the Biscuits probably pulled it off. As word of the promotion spread on social media, millennials were less than enthused by the team’s efforts.

Coming early August: Boomer night, where proof of a high school diploma wins you a high paying job, and arts and crafts tables will be available for you to burn down a diorama of the U.S. economy while complaining about entitlement https://t.co/0uoQduSg5u

— Kyle Neubeck (@KyleNeubeck) July 12, 2018

Your team name is basically a brunch item so sounds like this is very on brand. https://t.co/vtEfBnzgr5

— Pete Scantlebury (@PeteScantlebury) July 12, 2018

Y’all should do a “Boomer Night” where the price of admission and all concessions are deferred to the patrons of the next 3 games. https://t.co/yczUvTcsgo

— Cobra Chicken (@TWEsq) July 12, 2018

imagine if you're the social media team who though this was a good idea. https://t.co/bZx4Q8XHcX

— Jim Tang (@wxmann) July 12, 2018

Riiiiight. Because the best way to drum up business is to ostracize an entire demographic.

Say it louder for the people in the back: Brands should stop trying to be funny. https://t.co/Ox1mU94g0M

— David King (@davekingweather) July 12, 2018

Americans collectively hold nearly $1.5 trillion in student debt https://t.co/zu1f2v3hx3

— Michael Arria (@michaelarria) July 12, 2018

How about a Boomer night. When the old ppl leave at the seventh inning stretch, we burn the entire field down. Proceeds from Millennial night will pay for the damage.

— Hoss. (@Gamec0cks) July 12, 2018

Live look at the PR team that thought this was a good idea pic.twitter.com/7GM6HqoIUf

— Riley Manasco (@riley_manasco) July 11, 2018

All of your players are millennials.

— Bernie Brannan (@jbbrannaniii) July 12, 2018

Hi there. Looks like you need to fire your entire social media department. I've got considerable experience – let me know where to send my resume.

— Better Joke Teller (@texaninnyc) July 12, 2018

A live look at the Biscuits’ marketing and PR manager today pic.twitter.com/mW2P33rba9

— Will Weaver 📸🏀 (@WillWeaverRVA) July 12, 2018

The award for most-tone deaf promotion of 2018 goes to… https://t.co/OESdDF4q4P

— 2Vynmouz (@2Vynmouz) July 12, 2018

Oh, that's weird. What my local minor league baseball team does for Millennial Night is charge millennials $1500 for tickets that baby boomers spent $10 on and then complain all night when they don't show up. Lol, millennials, amirite? https://t.co/wYgEdpaXBN

— Harrison Widelitz (@harrisonwide) July 12, 2018

Well, no longer a fan of the Biscuits. Hope it was worth the played-out, inaccurate joke. https://t.co/M2nsVGcX4Z

— J. Luke Kiszla (@LukeFromTuscAL) July 12, 2018

The Millennial Night will take place on July 21.

Source : https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/07/montgomery-biscuits-millennial-night-promotion-reaction-minor-league-baseball-rays-mlb

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