MyMiniFactory Has Teamed Up With Rovio For Angry Birds Evolution

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The Beast is coming to Angry Birds! This Halloween season, Rovio Entertainment has teamed up with to create “Eddie the Bird,” who fans can recruit and keep forever in the Angry Birds Evolution game.

That’s right, Eddie the Head will actually be transformed into a playable character in Angry Birds Evolution, so you’ll be able to load him into your slingshots and take out hoards of pigs. Eddie the Bird will make his way into the game starting Oct. 18 during a special two-week character event.

Rovio have created four different versions of Eddie for the game based on the Maiden albums Killers, Powerslave, Somewhere in Time and The Book of Souls. “Our team is filled with massive Iron Maiden fans and Eddie was both our first choice and a natural fit in Angry Birds Evolution,” says Miika Tams, VP Games and Product Lead for Angry Birds Evolution. “It’s about time his status as a true rock icon was celebrated and we know that fans will love seeing Eddie the Bird raise hell on Bird Island!”

“When you get a call from Rovio, one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, confessing that they are Maiden fans and want to celebrate Halloween with Eddie you just have to take notice,” says Llexi Leon, Interactive Creative Director at Phantom Music Management. “They have outdone themselves with this incredible tribute to Maiden and the opportunity to share the band’s music with their millions of players around the world. I really can’t wait to play him and skittle those pigs!”

Along with the four Eddie the Bird characters, the game will be turned into a Halloween-themed heavy metal oasis filled with tributes to Eddie, Iron Maiden and the heavy metal universe. For fans of Iron Maiden’s own mobile RPG, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, you can expect Eddie the Bird to make his way into the game next year!

Check out the bird incarnations of Eddie the Head below!


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