New No Man\'s Sky Boxart Hints At Co Op Multiplayer

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No Man's Sky has been through a rough patch. Its initial release was overhyped by the world including media and gamers and when we finally got our hands on the title it failed to live up to our expectations. Even if we had half the expectations it would have failed miserably too as it lacked almost all the features we were promised. Dead, lifeless planets to explore with a tedious mining mechanic and no real replay value at all. No Man's Lie was the most controversial game of 2016 without a doubt and to see developer Hello Games still working on the title today shows much dedication. 

One of the biggest issues with the game was the lack of multiplayer which creator Sean Murray said would be in the game. It was not and players wanted it. To be able to explore these dead planets would be much better with friends and the lack of multiplayer was a major downfall among other things too. 

It seems that the upcoming NEXT update releasing for the game in the next few months might be adding the feature to experience. Well, if the Xbox One boxart has any indication of what is to come. The leaked cover art for the game sees four unnamed players standing on the ground overlooking the infamous prism in the distance. You can also see four ships around the art with three of them in the air and one of them on the ground. 

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Hello Games would not dare advertise multiplayer in any way unless it was really a thing and this boxart would look very different if there were to be no way to come into contact with another player. The NEXT update might be still a ways off but the Xbox One boxart could be teasing something we will experience in the game when it launches. 

The Xbox One version of the game is still without a release date but it will launch with the NEXT update along with the free title patch for the PC and PS4 version. We are sure Hello Games will release some more information closer to the time. 

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New No Man's Sky boxart hints at co-op multiplayer
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