Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review

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What is an Android tablet with a keyboard, mouse, and pen? Well, it’s still an Android tablet. The Galaxy Tab S4 is the new flagship 10.5-inch tablet that Samsung is aiming toward people who want a device that’s lighter than an ultrabook but still has a keyboard and pen.

Samsung has done everything it can to transform the Galaxy Tab S4 into a “real” computer, even though it still runs Android 8.1. That strategy revolves around giving the Tab S4 a desktop-style environment with individual windows and improved multitasking called Samsung DeX.

>The Tab S4’s execution is layered

But turning an Android tablet into a hybrid doesn’t come cheap — at least not by usual Android tablet standards. Pricing for the Wi-Fi version of the Tab S4 starts at $649, which includes the S Pen. However, the keyboard is an additional $149. That makes a complete setup $800, which is $10 less than a 10.5-inch iPad Pro with Apple’s Smart Keyboard (minus the Apple Pencil).

You can also link a Bluetooth mouse if you already have one to complete the DeX experience. (And, as you’ll see, you kind of need to.)

6.5 Verge Score

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Good Stuff

  • Gorgeous screen
  • Excellent battery life
  • DeX is great for multitasking

Bad Stuff

  • Android apps for tablets are still mediocre
  • Requires you to buy keyboard / mouse for Dex to be useful
  • Face / iris scanning is hit or miss
Buy for $649.00 >from Samsung

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