The New Han Solo: 7 Things To Know About Alden Ehrenreich

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Han Solo, one of the most fascinating characters in the Star Wars franchise, is getting its own movie on May 25. Although Harrison Ford, who made the character so iconic, is not essaying the character as the movie is based on a young Han Solo, the anticipation is high all the same. Alden Ehrenreich, who has taken over the mantle from Ford, has received largely positive reception from critics who have seen the movie.

Many of those who are going to see this movie are huge fans of the character. Then again, many others have only a faint idea about everybody’s favourite Corellian scoundrel-smuggler. The character has been a fan-favourite ever since the franchise began and has overshadowed the primary protagonists like Luke Skywalker and Leia. Here are ten interesting things you may like to know about Han Solo.

1. Han is not the original owner of the Millennium Falcon: The Falcon may seem to be an integral part of the legend of Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca, but Han always did not have this starship. Remember Lando Calrissian? Donald Glover would be playing the role in the film, taking over the mantle from Billy Dee Williams. Han won the Falcon from him in a game of sabacc, a card game in Star Wars. We will see this game unfold in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

han solo in millennium falcon A still from Star Wars.

2. Others were considered for the role: Like it always happens, various actors auditioned for the role. Well-known stars like Al Pacino, Nick Nolte, Christopher Walken and Kurt Russell could have played the role and probably the character would be a lot different from what we imagine.

3. “I know” was improvised: Han Solo’s iconic response to Leia’s “I love you” was ad-libbed by Harrison Ford.

4. Han Solo saved Chewbacca from slavery: You must have noticed the Wookiee Chewie’s intense dedication to Han and this is because Solo prevented Chewie from becoming a slave of the Galactic Empire. Since the Wookiee tradition demands that if somebody saves your life, you are forever indebted to them, Chewie and Han become fast friends. We will see the burgeoning of one of the sweetest friendships in films in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

5. I’ve got a good feeling about this: This is an actual line in one of the trailers of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The oft-repeated line I have a bad feeling about this in the franchise by Han is probably because by the time he meets Luke Skywalker, he has become a cynic. Perhaps we will see a more optimist Han in the film.

6. Han and Leia married in Endor: The lovers Han Solo and Leia did not waste any time after the decisive Battle of Endor and married soon after. We did not see the wedding as the film ended with the celebrations of the Rebellion’s victory.

7. Han worked with the Galactic before siding with the Rebellion: Han Solo was surprisingly an officer with the Imperial Navy before the events of the first Star Wars film.

8. The early conception of Han Solo was envisioned as a green-skinned Ureallian Jedi: In the early draft, Luke Skywalker was an old Jedi general and Han Solo was a green-skinned alien.

9. Han shot first: Indeed, Han shot first in a scene that is probably only second to the “I am your father” scene in terms of fame and infamy.

10. Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola was the inspiration behind Han Solo: George Lucas based the character of Han Solo on his friend and The Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola.

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