Trump Visit Requires Biggest UK Police Mobilization Since 2011

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(Newser) – President Trump arrives in Britain on Thursday for his first visit to the country as president—and although he has boasted that he is "very popular" in his mother's homeland, he won't be receiving a universally warm welcome. The >Guardian reports that massive protests are expected during Trump's four-day visit, and police leave has been canceled amid the largest mobilization since the 2011 riots in London and other cities. An anti-Trump protest involving around 50,000 people is expected in London, where a huge "Trump baby" balloon is going up, though the president is planning to spend most of his time in Britain outside the capital. He said Thursday that the British "like him a lot" and he is "fine" with people holding protests.

The president will join Prime Minister Theresa May for a dinner at Winston Churchill's former residence Thursday night, the AP reports. Trump and first lady Melania Trump will have tea with Queen Elizabeth II on Friday before departing for Scotland, where Trump is expected to spend time golfing at a course he owns. Analysts say his talks with May could be strained, especially in light of the heavy opposition to his visit and his recent description of the UK as "in turmoil." "The diplomatic aim will be to get through the visit without any gaffes, without upsetting the president, and without him saying anything disobliging about Brexit or a future trade deal," says BBC correspondent James Landale.


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