Updated: Rep. Gohmert On \'terror Babies\' Conspiracy

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I cant believe that these people[louie] are the ones that run our country, terror babys?REALLY I am convinced that the problem with our country are the donkeys that we the people have elected. change is a great idea but we will never get anywhere until we get tierd of this garbage. And we wonder why it is so hard to get people health care, jobs, a perscription that cost triple what it should, so we can continue to stay alive and watch this great country fall apart.This guy needs a strait jacket and a spot in the ever growing unemployment line. Anderson i never really liked ur show until the coverage you did on the gulf coast and i aplaud you for that. last nights segment has had me laughing my butt off at work all day, it is truely not funny. maybe its the terror babys that had all the wepons of mass distruction in iraq .It seems to me that common sense has just gone out the window.if you continue to let our wacko represenitives on your show people just might take notice that we are in serious trouble and if we want to fix our country we obviously need to start at the top.

Source : http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2010/08/12/video-rep-gohmert-on-terror-babies-conspiracy/

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Updated: Rep. Gohmert on 'terror babies' conspiracy
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