WWE News: Edge Criticises Bobby Lashley And Roman Reigns After Their Match On Raw

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Rest assured, even though Daniel Bryan is the more popular star in his match against Big Cass, he's not the one this feud's purpose is revolving around.

This is less about giving Bryan a big challenge to overcome and more about using his status to get over Big Cass as a villain so he can be a worthwhile name on the SmackDown brand.

What's strange about this circumstance, though, is that both men could potentially win this match and the same basic storyline could continue, just with a few minor tweaks.

If Cass is able to score a win over Bryan, he'll tout himself to have proved all that he had boasted about. It will be an example of how he's bigger, stronger and better, while Bryan doesn't measure up.

Then, Bryan would have to fight from the underdog position to try to offset that notion that he's a lesser performer just because he's smaller, setting up a rematch David vs. Goliath situation where the fans will want to see their hero conquer the villain.

On the other hand, if Bryan is able to score a pin, Cass could simply beat him up after the decision and attribute it to a fluke that he wishes to prove wrong, demanding another opportunity to showcase his superior stature.

The former story is much easier to do, but it's lazier and will repeat much of what has already been done. The latter is a little more difficult to pull off but would result in a more interesting dynamic for the feud to continue with.

In either fashion, whoever wins here will probably lose in a rematch of sorts, whether it happens on SmackDown or if this stretches all the way to Money in the Bank in June.

Final Pick: Flip a coin. This is the hardest match to determine the outcome for.

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