Watch: Wanna One Reminisces And Thanks Fans For 1 Year Anniversary

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Wanna One has released a video in commemoration of their one-year anniversary. In the video, the members reminisced on the past year, and thanked their fans.

The video began with Kang Daniel introducing their one-year anniversary on August 7. When asked to look back on the past year, Kim Jae Hwan shared, “Looking back the past year, a lot of things happened. Since we’re promoting, time flew by quickly before I even realized it. I don’t want to say it’s sad, but I want to express last year as happiness.”

Ong Seong Woo commented, “When you’re happy, time flows by really quickly. Like when you’re gaming, time goes by quickly and when you’re at an amusement park, one day feels so short. [The year] felt that much shorter, and I think it felt like it was just yesterday because I was so happy.”

The members were then asked what day was the most memorable. Park Ji Hoon answered, “I don’t know where it was exactly, but we once wrote letters for Wannables and sent it. Each and every member put in all their sincerity, wrote letters, stuck post-its, and wrote that they loved Wannables.” Park Woo Jin picked, “Though it may sound a bit obvious, but every single day that we went to do things, was special and amazing.”

Lee Dae Hwi chose, “The day we flew on an airplane together. The first time we went abroad was for KCON L.A. It was the first time I had ever rode business class, and the seats were great. I even lived in L.A., and going to the neighborhoods I grew up in with the members was really memorable. I was so excited, I was like a tour guide, and explained everything to them. I remember we even [joked] about things like not wearing shoes while flying in an airplane. I think we enjoy the small things.”

To the question, “What are Wannables to Wanna One?” Ha Sung Woon shared, “I think it’s like a needle and a thread. When the thread goes into the head of the needle, it connects and becomes one. Like that, it feels like we’re connected as one.” Lai Guan Lin commented, “I think I received a lot of strength from Wannables. When it was hard, I would watch Wannables cheering us on in videos, and got more energy. So to me, they are ‘strength.'”

Hwang Min Hyun replied, “Wannables are love. I think they really are love. We’re a group that was created in a different way [than other groups] and everything that we’ve done was done through Wannables’ support, effort, and love. I think that’s why our promotions are that much more happy and fun. Wannables are ‘love.'”

When asked what they meant to each other, Yoon Ji Sung answered, “Wanna One is a journal. Like a journal, through Wanna One, I can remember and reminisce clearly how I was back then. They’re friends that are like journals.” Bae Jin Young explained, “I feel like I’ve gotten a family. I think I’ve grown because of the members, so it feels like we’re 11 brothers.”

To the question, “How do you want to be remembered by Wannables?” Kang Daniel shared, “Our first title was ‘The Group Born From The Nation’s Hands.’ I still want to show that [to everyone], that ‘Your choice was the right choice.'”

They then sent their own messages to Wannables. They said, “Wannables, It’s already August 7, 2018. We’re very happy, and because so many things happened with you until now, it feels like a one-year anniversary where we feel more excited for the year to come. It was a long, yet short time. Thank you for still liking us until now. You have given us so many presents that we can’t even count them. Because there are so many things to come, we will do our best to repay you. If we were to say everything we wanted to say, it would take all night. It’s completely [thanks to] Wannables. We will work harder to show you a perfect side to us. We pray that only good things happen to you. Since we love each other, let’s be together forever, and be inseparable. Thank you so much, we always love you. We hope that you will continue to love us. We love you. Please take care of us from now on as well, and thank you for everything.”

Check out the full video below!

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Watch: Wanna One Reminisces And Thanks Fans For 1-Year Anniversary
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