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THE most dangerous day on Britain's roads for 2018 is set to occur this weekend, according to new research.

Analysts have predicted a "perfect storm" of conditions will combine on Saturday to make it the riskiest date in the motoring calendar.

 This Saturday is expected to be the most dangerous day on UK roads>Alamy Live News>
This Saturday is expected to be the most dangerous day on UK roads

And drivers are being warned to be extra cautious around 2:30pm, as this is expected to be the time you are most likely to have a crash.

CCTV firm, SmartWitness, compiled the research using Department for Transport data along with its own insurance reports showing peak times for collisions in previous years.

With school holidays starting in England and Wales from this weekend, additional traffic loads are expected to combine with rising summer temperatures to cause chaos for British motorists.

The RAC predicted Friday will be the busiest day for congestion over the weekend, but new research claims Saturday will see a higher number of road collisions.

 Annual traffic peaks in July>Alamy>
Annual traffic peaks in July

Worst months of the year for fatalities and serious injury on UK roads based on average number of incidents

  1. July - 2,330
  2. August - 2,148
  3. October - 2,125
  4. September - 2,112
  5. November - 2,111
  6. May - 2,069
  7. June - 2,048
  8. December - 1,959
  9. Apri - 1,756
  10. March - 1,590
  11. January - 1,578
  12. February - 1,544

Saturdays are the worst day for crashes during the summer when motorists are nearly twice as likely to be distracted or impaired in their driving compared to weekdays.

And considering the extra stress of noisy kids, busy roads and the heat, this weekend is expected to be even worse.

According to SmartWitness, the busiest time on Saturday will be around 2:30pm, when drivers are most at risk of a crash - although the RAC claimed this will be slightly earlier at around 1pm.

On average, more vehicle collisions occur in the summer months compared to other seasons, with 2,330 serious and fatal collisions in July and 2,148 in August.

'FRANTIC FRIDAY' >Drivers warned of major delays this weekend with an extra 9MILLION cars on the road – here’s how to avoid the rush

This compares with only 1,578 in January and 1,544 in February.

The increase is due to the higher number of motorists on the roads, with the vast majority of families choosing to take their summer holidays at this time.

SmartWitness chief executive Paul Singh said: “We are asking motorists to be extra vigilant when starting out on their summer holidays.

"The most common cause of road collisions is not poor road conditions or your car, it’s bad driving.

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"The summer months have the highest number of road collisions and Saturday July 21st is likely to provide the perfect storm for poor driving conditions.

“It will be first day of the summer holidays for many families and there will be extremely large numbers of motorists taking to the roads.

"Cars will be packed full of children and luggage, which means that drivers will be more stressed and distracted than usual, as they make their way to airports and holiday destinations.

"As a result, this day is expected to have the highest number of incidents for the whole of the year with our data showing that 2.30pm will be the busiest time."

Source : https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/6816463/black-saturday-most-dangerous-day-uk-roads-date/

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